The Wedding Directory Mobile App unveiled

The Android Mobile Application of the SLT RAINBOW PAGES Wedding Directory was launched on the 25th of February 2014 at a ceremony held at the Hotel Ramada Colombo. The event was graced by the wedding industry’s top personalities in including...Read More

Sri Lanka’s Guinness World Record breaking wedding ceremony

Wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day in one’s life and Champi Siriwardana has turned a normal wedding day to a record breaking moment with 126 bridesmaids for a bride at a wedding. She was able to set a new Guinness world record at the wedding of Nalinda and Nisansala.Read More

WEDDING CAKE A Pleasant Attraction For The Wedding

Are you still thinking of your wedding arrangement? Just think and plan your wedding now. This day is considered the most memorable and important in one's life.

Firstly, you will have to look into some of the main points such as jewellery, photography, floral decorations, wedding attire, wedding cake, Poruwa, the number of invitees and rituals for your wedding. Read More



A Guide to Marriage Registration

While you imagine your own dream world and beginning of the new married life, you have to get a new leap called 'Marriage'. For this special occasion, the marriage registrotion is a very significant factor.

Here's an excerpt of an interview held with the Registrar of Marriages, Colombo Division, Mrs C E Cooray (JP).Read More

Succefful marriage through Buddhism.

It is described in Assaji Throw – Hunupitiya Gangarama temple

According to Buddha’s teachings there are four kinds of families.

The family that lives with Devils. (Female and male)

The family that lives with Devil (Male) or a God.

The family that lives with a God or Goddess.

Out of this most successful will be the family that lives with a God and Goddess. The couple will be pious and good, As much as they live happily in this world they will attain ‘Nirvana‘after dying. Read More

by Assaji Throw – Hunupitiya Gangarama temple

Make it perfect, you are reborn!

Seal the golden moment of your life to an eternal experience. Do your maximum to make it a perfect day. Your wedding is the second beginning of your life when you start to share everything with your beloved partner. You embark on the start of your married life together. Focus on your new life together, while being excited to share life with your special person. The way you gaze at each other will reveal the passion. Read More

by Nipuni Wimaladasa

Well – planned means fairies wed

Fairy tales become a reality at a well organized and well prepared wedding. Yet it is absolutely a challenge for many. Once overcome, it will give you a perfect day with abundance of unforgettable memories. You are the boss and sole proprietor of the most precious day in your life to decide how it should be.

It is not wise to mess up things. Though most believe, it is not a mere matter of money but a very good combination of your choice, time, effort, correct decisions and money. Mix all these ingredients perfectly and the taste of a delicious wedding will be evidence of a golden day, unforgettable forever. Read More

by Nipuni Kaluarachchi

A Delicious Recipe for your Wedding

At a wedding ceremony, the main attraction is the bride and the groom. But apart from that food becomes another important attraction. This is something that needs your great attention. Also the couple's main intention should be to treat the guests the best way possible. It is important that the couple and the family should be aware of selecting a menu in correct manner according to customs and methods. We feel it's our duty to make awareness of same. Read More

by Mr. Don Shrman

Birth Control

Different communities such as Sinhala, Tamil, and Muslim follow different customs. It is made according to their culture. Marriage does not mean a huge celebration or partying. We must keep in mind there is a new world, new life after that. It is very important that the couple, who is planning to get married, get a good understanding about sex, birth control, pregnancy & child birth. Some women believe in different aspects regarding sex and believe in myths. Even though sex is something very simple, due to lack of proper understanding, faces problems in marriage as well. Having sex with each other should last long with pleasure. The desired acts should be discussed between both and must be open to each other.Read More